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Testosterone Isocaprate was first introduced to the market as part of the popular testosterone blends Sustenon 250 and Omnadren. As with all testosterone-based drugs, testosterone isocaproate will cause significant weight and strength gains in the user. It will also help increase the body’s red blood cell count, burn fat, increase libido and speed the recovery time from intense workouts

Because Isocaproate is usually only found in blends, the best way to use it is to follow the recommendations of the blend that it is in. Isocaproate is a long lasting drug and can be spread out a week to ten days between injections. Extreme bodybuilders have been known to inject as much as 250 mgs every 14 days to up to 1000 mgs per day. Because these extreme doses come with high risks of side effects and for the most part are unnecessary, it is highly recommended to use a less severe dose.

The recommended dose for Testosterone Isocaproate is 250 to 1000 mgs/week.

Using testosterone isocaproate will eventually cause your body to stop producing its own testosterone. Continued use can also lead to major problems with your cholesterol levels, your immune system and liver function.

Isocaproate is found in testosterone blends, the most common being Sustanon 250 and Omnedren. Sustanon is readily available on the black market. It is produced in Russia and is sold in strips containing five ampules. Each ampule costs between $12 and $18. Fakes are also on the market so beware. Real Sustanon 250 will come in a package that has sharp edges around the label.

Besides being used for enhancing weight and strength gain in the gym, testosterone isocaproate has been researched for treatment of constitutional delayed puberty.


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